WTM Centres are located all over the world, reflecting the growing recognition of the critical importance of Jeremy Griffith’s breakthrough understanding of the human condition.

The founder of WTM Madrid, David Garcia, is an airline pilot of over 30 years’ standing. In addition to piloting long-haul flights, David works in his airline’s Flight Safety Department. He trained at the National School of Aeronautics in Salamanca, having previously studied Chemistry at the School of Sciences at the University of Valladolid. In the early 1990s, David served in the Navy Marines Corp, working in safety missions.

He also holds an Athletics Coach Qualification from the National School of Athletics Coaches, and is a Patron of Spain’s Marathon Foundation, running the Academia de Atletismo (Athletics Academy) which promotes children’s athletics.

David is married with three children. He began translating Jeremy Griffith’s writings into Spanish in 2020, and those completed can be found on the WTM’s Translations page.

“Jeremy has given us all the understandings and tools to fulfil the human journey, ending all the suffering we are experiencing as individuals, as a society and as a species, bringing peace and light to earth.”

David sitting in the pilot seat of the cockpit of an aeroplane
David with his wife on a beach with sunsetting
David pulling children on sled in snow